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Guild News

RL and Facebook

_rayana_, Aug 22, 12 10:43 PM.
This is just a heads up to everyone that I have started school and my time in game will be limited while I get back into the grove of school life. I am always available through site email or FB and when she's online, Elisabet will also be available to answer any questions.

Speaking of Facebook, Heretics has their own group page: If you'd like to join, drop me a message through facebook (gamergirl.rayray) and I'll invite you.

In the mean time, happy gaming!

Rules and Clean UP

_rayana_, Jul 27, 12 12:08 AM.
It's nearly high summer here in the USofA. That means temps of 100+ here in California and lots and lots of iced tea. I hope everyone is having a wonderful summer and getting in as much sun as they can before school starts up again.

With the number of new players entering the game--and, consequently, joining the alliance--I thought it would be prudent to inform you all of some of our rules. There may be exceptions to the rules, but those are usually very rare and determined by case.

  • No spamming alliance chat. If you can still see your post, others probably can as well.
  • 1 Week inactivity then boot. If you are not active for 1 week and do not inform your clan leader, you WILL be removed. There may be exceptions depending on how active you where before your inactivity.
  • Keep personal information to yourself. While the alliance is your family, we do not want/need to know your entire life. Some information (bodily, sexual, passwords, etc) should be kept private and not shared in the alliance. 
  • Do not beg. Items can be hard to get, bosses hard to kill, and provisions hard to farm. But there are plenty of ways to get them yourself. The alliances is more than willing to teach you how and give suggestions, but please don't ask for our hard earned gold when you aren't willing to earn your own.
  • 1 alt for established members. Once you've been in the alliance for a while, you'll be allowed to bring an alt into our alt clan, but not before. Please do not ask to have your alt added if you are under 135 or have been with us for less than 3 weeks.

This is only a brief listing of our basic rules. A complete list of rules and code of conduct will be posted soon. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

Clan Leaders

Please clean up your clans of alts and inactives and start recruiting. We need active members that are willing to fight and quest with us, not simply afk grind. Also, if you are willing to host an event please let me know. Thank you.

Update July 4th

_rayana_, Jul 4, 12 9:51 PM.
I'd like to start off by saying Happy Canada Day to our friends up north and Happy Independence Day to those of us in the US of A.

There have been a few changes around the site: Officers listing have been added to the left of the page and I have removed old members that are no longer with us. If you have not done so already, be sure to log in and add your character(s) to your profile. Inactive members will be removed after a few months, so be sure to log in regularly. You'll want to anyways, as we will be having events listed on our calendar.

Ideas have been flying around the council forum as to how to make the alliance a more active and fun place, and we want your input! Visit our opinion post on the forums and give us your suggestions, ideas, and peeves. This is your opportunity to weigh in for possible events with prizes!

A new alt clan has also been created. Active members will now be allowed one active alt in the clan. PM Elisabet to see if you qualify.

As always, happy gaming!

McHitman is Back!

_rayana_, Apr 15, 12 9:04 PM.
That's right, McHitman is back, and Heretics is alive and kicking again. I'd like to say welcome to all those who are new to the site. I'll be cleaning it up a bit, getting rid of the old stuff and letting in the new. If you have any questions, PM McHitman directly.

Welcome back Mc!

New Home Site

_rayana_, Aug 5, 11 2:07 AM.
Vanguard now has a new site and home address. Please join us at
_rayana_ (Miryu)
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